About us

Top row: Mr. Junma Tang, Dr. Md Arifur Rahim, Mr. Roozbeh Abbasi
Second row: Dr. Zhenbang Cao, Ms. Chengchen Zhang, Dr. Jianbo Tang, Dr. Francois Allioux
Third row: Mr. Michael Christoe, Ms. Yifang Wang, Dr. Mohannad Mayyas
Forth row: Dr. Wanjie Xie, Mr. Shengxiang Cai, Dr. Mohammad B. Ghasemian, Mr. Franco Centurión
Fifth row: Dr. Dorna Esrafilzadeh, Ms. Mahroo Baharfar, Ms. Shuhada Atika Idrus Saidi, Dr. Ali Jalili, Ms. Salma Merhebi (sitting in the front)
Sixth row: Mr. Jialuo Han, Ms. Maedehsadat Mousavi, Prof. Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh 

The Centre for Advanced Solid and Liquid based Electronics and Optics (CASLEO) has a mission to create novel materials and systems that have impacted and will continue to influence the well-being of people for the better.

The members of CASLEO have proven their capabilities in developing systems that have significantly influenced the areas of liquid metals, sensors, electronic materials, optics, microfluidics, biomaterials and medical devices. Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh, the director of the centre, is a 2018 Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Fellow, a Professor at the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering and is also a member of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET). Prof Michael Ferry, the associate director (theme materials), is the Professor of materials and the head of the School of Materials Science & Engineering, UNSW Sydney. Rona Chandrawati is a Scientia Associate Professor and NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, who is the associate director (theme bioresearch) at CASLEO. CASLEO has received significant funding from ARC and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia.

The mission of CASLEO is to create new technologies and materials that can improve the efficiencies of the electronic and optical based systems of the future and also impact people’s health and wellbeing. CASLEO members are enthusiastic researchers who have dedicated their efforts to these aims.