Muhammad Aminurrashid Jamal

Muhammad Aminurrashid Jamal
Ph.D Student

Education Profile:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Honours), RMIT University, Australia (2018)

Research Project

Project title: Encapsulation of Liquid Metal

The abilities of liquid metal to conduct electricity with high flexibility makes liquid metal attractive to be used in many different research areas. However, the capabilities to control the release of liquid metal when needed make it more exhilarating and exciting in various applications.

This research focuses on defining the gap in the industry and examine the limitation of the encapsulated liquid metal.  This project will circulate in the following project definition:

1) Encapsulate the liquid metal with different types of polymer.

2) Study the properties of the encapsulated liquid metal and the application in various type of industries; medical, electronics, etc.


  • Prof. Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh
  • Dr. Jiong Yang